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Commonly asked questions

Our aim is to help you with quality travel solutions for a reasonable price. We will be glad to assist you. Email us your questions on info@flightforsure.com or call us on 1-315-925-4786 at any time of the day or night to make an online booking.

 You can view your booking by simply clicking on the My Bookings option. This will help you view up to three of your previous bookings. Click on the Details option to view the necessary booking. This will show you the flight reservation and booking receipt. You can also email these to yourself. For any further assistance, please call us on 1-315-925-4786.

Lost baggage, theft of documents, interruption or cancellation of travel, terrorism, natural disasters, necessary evacuation are covered along with much more. Please note that the reason for cancellation of travel must be covered in the travel plan and all the documents for the same should be produced.

 You can call us on 1-315-925-4786 for a new booking or visit us on www.flightforsure.com

You can make changes in the flight tickets by calling us on 1-315-925-4786. However, a cancellation charge may be applicable.

We accept most major U.S and Canadian credit cards like American Express, Visa and Mastercard. However, all payments must be made in US Dollars only.

Most of the tickets on discounts are non refundable. However, you get great discounts on non refundable tickets. The terms and conditions that are applicable to a cancellation are mentioned on the website. We request you to kindly read those before making the booking.

New flight booking

We are unable to help you with fare quotes through email as the prices of flight tickets may keep changing depending on several factors like availability and demand.

We at flightforsure.com are confident about providing you with the best rates in the market. However, in case you see a better price on the same flight or hotel booking on any other website within 24 hours of making a booking with us, then contact us with screenshots of the same at info@flightforsure.com. However, please ensure that the class, dates, location, airline, hotel name, type of room etc. are all the same.

The policy regarding travelling with pets depends from airline to airline. We suggest you check the same before making a booking. 
General policies:
Travelling with a pet other than the guided animals needs special assistance by the airline. For this, you may be charged extra.
There are rules regarding the number of pets and their size.
There are restrictions for carrying pets in the cargo like blackout periods during summer and winter.
Some dogs (for example: pugs) and cats (Persian) have difficulty breathing at high altitudes. There are restrictions for those.
You may be asked to submit a health certificate to travel with a pet.
There are minimum standards applicable to the design, strength, sanitation, size and ventilation of the container or the cage in which the pet is carried. The Sky Kennels meet these requirements.


Infants below the age of 2 years can board a flight in United States without a reservation as long as they are accompanied by an adult of 18 years or more. However, on international flights, they need a ticket, which is mostly charged as a percentage of a regular adult ticket rate. Each adult can carry only one infant each. Reservations for infant tickets cannot be made online. For any other assistance, please call us on 1-315-925-4786.

The term e- ticket basically means electronic ticket. You will receive it on e-mail and this can be printed and shown instead of a hard copy of the ticket.

In case of a change in flight schedule because of unavoidable circumstances, like bad weather, you will be informed through an email or a telephone call. However, please check the flight schedule online 24 hours before departure.

Yes, you can make a request for a specific seat while making your reservation and we shall forward it to the airline. But to confirm the same, please contact the airline directly.


Yes, confirmation of the reservation is advised. You can check the status of the same online and even print a copy of it for your reference.

Change or Cancellation of Flight booking

Name changes are usually prohibited after a booking is made. However, we shall send a request to the airline from our end. Contact the customer service department on 1-315-925-4786 for the same.

Please contact our customer care team on 1-315-925-4786 to change the date of travel. However, penalties or rise in fare might be applicable and the extra charge, if any, will have to be paid by the passenger.

The ticket has a reference number which is exclusive to the person using it. More than one person cannot use the number. However, depending on availability, a new ticket can be purchased. For any further assistance, contact the customer service department on 1-315-925-4786.

Queries related to baggage

Baggage is transferred directly if both the flights are from the same airline. However, in case of a different airline, the transfer may or may not happen depending on the agreement between the two.

There is a certain limit on weight, height and length on both hand baggage as well as checked in baggage. These depend from airline to airline. Please contact the airline directly for more details on the same.

The fee depends from airline to airline. However, in most cases, the fee applicable is minimal.

TSA Secure Flight

United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has launched a special program that ensures a safe travelling experience by collecting more passenger data.

Travellers may have to present a Government issued document that carries the necessary data like date of birth, gender etc.


This is a unique number that is assigned to a passenger who has been screened at an airport previously by the Department of Homeland Securities (DHS). For any more information on the procedure, you can visit www.dhs.gov/trip.

Assistance for Visa and Passport

Passport and visa are the essential documents normally required. For further assistance on the same, please contact Flightforsure.com on 1-315-925-4786 and we will be pleased to help you.

 It generally depends on the requirement. However, on receiving all the documents, it takes 3-4 business days to process a passport. An ‘emergency’ passport is issued in 1-2 working days.

A fee is definitely applicable when you apply for either a passport or a visa or both. The fee usually covers delivery cost, issuing charges, foreign national fees and service charges. 

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